iPhone Battery Replacement

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iPhone Battery Replacement Prices
iPhone ModelBattery
6 Plus$55.00
6S Plus$55.00
7 Plus$65.00
8Call Us
8 PlusCall Us

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If your iPhone battery will not hold a charge, will not charge when plugged into a power source, or drains faster than it should, Pro Gadget Clinic's experienced, onsite technicians perform SAME-DAY iPhone battery replacement.

Please note: Before we return your iPhone to you, we need approximately 1 hour to test the charging port and the new battery to ensure they are functioning properly.

Additionally, we can repair or replace dead batteries, broken buttons, charging ports, jacks, sensors, backs, frames, microphones, cameras, speakers, and more.

Avoid DIY solutions like putting your iPhone into a bag of rice; ask about our comprehensive, water damage cleaning process.

We apply the cost of a diagnostic or water-damage cleaning to the cost of any repair(s) that may be required.

Our beautiful store is conveniently located in the Kroger shopping center at the corner of Haynes Bridge and Old Alabama roads in Johns Creek, GA.
  • Pro Gadget Clinic offers a limited, 90-day warranty on repairs.
  • Pro Gadget Clinic has same-day repairs for most iPhones.
  • Pro Gadget Clinic is a family owned and operated small business.
  • Pro Gadget Clinic is open everyday.
  • Pro Gadget Clinic can diagnose and repair many water damage problems.

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